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The timeline below features key moments in Mother Care's history.This timeline is designed as a resource to spotlight the experiences.

Late Late Jagdishchandra Pathak Vividhlakshi Charitable Trust was registered with Charity Commissioner.
It was the first monumental stepping stone for Mothe Care School, the first seed for the future of learning in Kheda.
We Initiated the first school with modern facilities and infrastructure in Nadiad.
The inception began with a dream to provide excellent modern education and sporting infrastructure.
Started the first modern Pre-Primary.
A comprehensive projection for early care and education programs to imbibe values combined with sound knowledge.
Added a new wing of Gujarati Medium at HO Campus.
A new beginning towards providing value-based quality education emphasizing aesthetically rich and intellectually aware of our language.
We are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi (CBSE), for a new campus at Bhumel.
To strengthen the foundation and allow the latent talent to develop fully in the district of Kheda with state-of-the-art facilities and modern teaching methods.
Late Jagdishchandra Pathak Vividhlakshi Charitable Trust Completed 23 years of excellence in the field of Education
A significant achievement in the educational sector. Providing and embedding knowledge, life values, and catering to young students in bright minds charting their career paths.

Who We Are

Late Shree Jagdishchandra Pathak


Our mission at Mother Care is to develop each child's unique abilities and potential by offering an enriched educational program. Rich traditions rooted in our innovative curriculum grow productive, caring, and intellectually curious citizens. We strive for excellence through a hands-on approach.


We're a School where inquisitiveness prevails, and exploring new ways of thinking and pushing limitations isn't just encouraged. It is expected. We are committed to doing things differently and putting student success at the center of everything. We set student triumph at the heart of our mission, sustaining every student from every background to achieve outstanding outcomes.

At Mother Care, we uplift students to put their skills and dynamism into social change, regardless of their future path. We mold promising, passionate students and give them the knowledge to make a difference.

We are truly a district movement.

Today, Mother Care is made up of 2 campuses. Each school has its exceptional location and essence and is dedicated to fostering students' energy and idealism into empathy, responsibility, and lifelong action.

We are selective but not exclusive.

Mother Care seeks compassionate, idealistic students driven to improve the world. Still, we also build initiatives for students that can be encouraged and taught leadership, teamwork, creativity, and self-confidence, as we believe everyone can be successful.

We value service as well as knowledge.

At our school, we provide a structure with an in-depth learning curve for students and have a modern, relevant culture that motivates students to have a more promising future. We are determined in our practice to learn, have innovative thinking, and be bold in our ambitions.

You’re at the start of an incredible journey.
Let’s get going!

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Vikas Villa, Patel Vadi Pase, Utarsanda, Nadiad, Kheda– 387370

Address (H.O)

Opp. Shivam Petroleum, Nadiad-Uttarsanda. Road, NADIAD– 387370

Address (B.O)

Mother Care School(CBSE) At.BHUMEL, NADIAD - 387370

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