Terms & Condition

A - Introduction

Terms and Conditions

  1. The terms and conditions represent the practices and observance of our Schools for maintaining academic quality, strengthening welfare, and promoting a stable environment. The terms and conditions, including forms, the form of admission, conditions of promotions and fees list, form the basis for legally binding the parent and the School for sourcing and providing educational services. These terms and conditions are, and forms, letters of offer and award, conditions of promotions and fees list are subject to change from time to time (if applicable) due to change in the law or necessarily done to reflect upon the School's practices.

B - Terminology

  1. Parents: Means a person who is legally jointly or severally responsible for the pupil, who has duly signed the admission forms consisting of the pupil's details, and who is complying with the obligations of the School's terms and conditions. The role and responsibility of parents are mentioned under section D.
  2. Pupil/ student: This means the Child whose name is on the admission form and is listed on the School roll.
  3. Admission form or form of admission: This means a booklet consisting of the details of the student profile, parent's details, emergency contact details, rules and regulations, and fee list along with government identification photocopy documents as required by the Indian rules signed by the parents to complete the process of admission of pupils on the School.

C - Medical

The School will not be held responsible for any injury to a student which may or may not result in the loss of his / her life, injuries that require medical attention will be given immediately, which starts with giving first aid given by trained administrators, however, if the case requiring higher medical intervention is needed, it will be immediately be addressed by a medical practitioner or a certified doctor available a nearby hospital and the parents will be notified immediately if the parent cannot be reached due to some circumstances emergency medical attention will be done as said by the medical practitioner or a certified doctor available at a nearby hospital to deal with the case of emergency.

Medical records or medical information: A medical record and information sheet must be duly filled by the parents and submitted to the administration office. The medical report must consist of any medical condition a student has or needs that must be addressed.

D - Parent roles and responsibilities

Those with parental responsibility (the legal responsibility for the Child) have to disclose all the relevant information that will help us cater to the needs of the respective pupils, and the parents will receive all the required information. In that case, that shall be decided by the management if found suitable.

  1. Special precautions for the Child's security: It is in the student's interest that the parents bring to the notice of management and the Principal anything that can be a risk factor and might affect the Child's security.
  2. Confidentiality: The School might have to give the need-to-know information to the required individual if the student's welfare is at risk. The School reserves the right to monitor the activity of the students on the School internet.
  3. Disclosures: The parents must disclose all the information for the welfare of the students. That can be any medical conditions, any history of learning disability or special need required, any family court issues or orders, or changes in the financial circumstances that can affect the Child.
  4. Communication received from the parent: Any communication received from the parent, or one of the parents will be considered to be parental communication.
  5. Visit by parents has to be scheduled in advance: If the parents visit the School to take the students out of the School, the parent must take permission from the Principal.

F - Photographs and Confidentiality

By accepting and signing the terms and conditions forms, the parents agree to the School's data protection policy. The photographs may be used for promotion, website, and social media.

G - Ethos of Mother Care School

Mother Care School believes in maintaining an atmosphere of equality, justice and rights. Harassment, bullying and discrimination will not be tolerated. The School, in every way, will protect the rights and trust of the students.

H - Counseling

Our certified psychologists provide proper counseling to help our students in distress, and psychologists maintain a record of the same to help the students in better ways. Emotional support and understanding are integral to our School for student welfare policy.

I - Indiscipline

The School exercises stringent rules based on the severity of the case. The Principal reserves the right to expel the students if there are any recurring or behavioral issues. The Principal may also take corrective actions if there are regular cases of Indiscipline.

J - Damage to the school property

Any damage to school property by a child has to be reimbursed by the parent. In case of loss of a diary /report/ID card/calendar, they must pay to get a new one. Replacements will be issued on payment of the stipulated amount only.

K - Complaints

Any concern, question, or complaint arising can be addressed to our school administration department.

L - Transport

The School provides transport facilities for the students. However, no immediate request will be entertained for taking the transport for another route. It is upon the school administration to accept or decline the request. Please refer to the school transport policy.

School Transport Policy

  1. Both the bus driver and the bus security will be responsible for pick-up/dropping the Child at the doorstep of the Child's residence.
  2. Students are not allowed to change their pick-up/drop points temporarily for any reason.
  3. Parents must follow the timetable given by the transport administrator and be available at the pick-up/drop point to supervise the Child. In case of any delay, the bus will not wait, and the parent has to arrange their transport.
  4. Students should be at the point 5 minutes before the given time. Parents need to be at the drop point 5 minutes before the scheduled time in the evening to collect the Child.
  5. Students will be handed over only to the Parents/ Authorized persons, and students will be dropped off at their points even if there is no one to receive them.
  6. Whereas the running time is calculated to keep it to the minimum, and we will endeavour to stick to the schedule, delays or diversions caused due to traffic congestions/road repairs will be inevitable.
  7. It should be noted that in case of extreme or persistent misbehaviour, school authorities reserve the right to suspend transport facilities. School transport arrangements will then become the responsibility of the parents.
  8. The residence address changed mid-year. Please note that the transport facility can continue only for the existing points. No new points/routes will be created.
  9. Suppose the Child's residence is inside the by-lanes where the school bus cannot pass. In that case, it is the responsibility of the parent to bring to the pick-up/drop point and avail of the transport facility.
  10. Any queries about entitlement must be made to the transport manager.
  11. Completed forms must be handed over to the office without delay, and it can take at least 2 working days to process the form.
  12. The transport fee is to be paid in advance. If the transport fee is not paid by the first week of the term, School reserves the right to deny service.
  13. Under no circumstances are parents allowed to ride on the school bus.
  14. Please notify the Front office in writing within 7 days of a change of address.
  15. Need to make alternative arrangements if seating becomes insufficient after students with prior rights have been accommodated.

M - Field trips

Children will be taken outside the School for field trips, and with the parent's consent, a circular with the details will be sent to parents.

N - Admission and Entry to the School

N.1. Registration

Applicants will be considered for admission after the required steps for admission have been fulfilled. The admission process to the School starts with the enquiry form, followed by a written test and an oral assessment, if the applicant meets the mentioned criteria, there would be a meeting with the Principal, and they are admitted into the School after filling out the form of admission.

N.2. Fees

The parents jointly agree to pay the fees applicable to each term directly to the School account. The School accepts payments through cash, online, and cheque; the receipt for the payment is issued upon fees being seen in the student's account. The School reserves the right to increase the fee, and it can be increased by 10 % every year* (subject to change as per Government Norms).

Instalments: The School fee refers to section N3

Late Payment Fee: The School levies 100rs as a charge for not receiving the fee as mentioned in the section

Nonpayment of Fees: The School reserves the right to strike a student's name from the roll or stop them from appearing for any external/internal examination.

O - Withdrawal from the School

Parents are requested to inform the School well in advance of their decision to withdraw their child/children from Mother Care School; the undermentioned regulations will be applicable:

  1. There will be no levy of a fine for the withdrawal request submitted on or before dd/mm/yyyy every year.
  2. Suppose the withdrawal request is submitted on or before dd/mm/yyyy. In that case, the term 1 fee for the next academic year will have to be paid.
  3. If the withdrawal request is submitted after dd/mm/yyyy, the full fees for the next academic year will have to be paid.
  4. For the withdrawal of the newly admitted Child at the request of the parent, after one week or during the course of the academic year, no fees will be refunded.
  5. The regulations mentioned above are applicable for admissions throughout the academic year.

P - Transfer Certificate

The transfer certificate will be issued only after the conditions above are met. The transfer will be issued within 10 working days if the requirements are met. The Transfer Certificate will only be handed over to both parents refer to section E.


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