Classroom Environment

When raising children to learn and lead, a positive teacher-student relationship is as important as academic performance for students to achieve more and empower themselves for life ahead of them. We understand the positive and lasting effects of student relationships in the classroom. Our faculties are well-trained and are capable of understanding what such relationships entail and how they can build a solid teacher-student relationship by adopting a high-performance relational style. Indeed, Mother Care School establishes a supportive classroom environment, coupled with productive student-teacher relationships, to provide a robust platform for students to stay encouraged and motivated to grow academically and personally. Developing a solid and positive teacher-student relationship takes significant effort and time; however, the outcome is worth the effort.

Higher Secondary

Course Offered

The Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board recognizes Mother Care School for implementing its HSC program. Students at Mother care have options to choose from 3 streams – Science, Commerce, and Arts (Humanities). Students appear for board exams after Grade 12. The curriculum and assessment followed by the school are as per the regulations laid down by the GHSEB from time to time.


Mother Care School Campus was founded to create a place where young enthusiastic learners can develop their individuality in a cognitive and socially acceptable environment to benefit society and future generations. Under the leadership and guidance of our Trustees, Mr. Chirag Pathak and Mrs. Bijal Pathak. Today, Mother Care School is a name to reckon with in the field of quality education. The highly welcoming and impressive school reception, the colorful classrooms with striking soft boards, and the creatively painted corridors foster innovation, excellence, and design thinking, which are essential skills for the 21st-century learner. Teaching at mother care school is student-centric, based on real-life context encouraging each child to hone their skills, talents, or interests in academics, sports, theatre, dance, declamation, debate, and many more, for which the facilities in the school are outstanding. As students, teachers, mentors, and parents, we have set high standards for the institution. With each passing year, the school achieves new heights and newer milestones.


Our faculties make students understand Entrepreneurship and have insightful business experience, creating a powerful fusion to empower them to become business leaders. The program provides skills required to develop ideas into new ventures or innovatively work with existing businesses. Faculties of school and experienced professionals bring the real world of business into your classes' timely basis. Our students go beyond the classroom and experience the opportunities and challenges of industry first-hand through our various experiential learning activities, including in-house activities, service learning, and other creative and professional experiences.

Sports Excellence

Sport is an integral part of our education system. It helps children to achieve medical fitness as well as gain academic integrity. Through sports, we intend to teach our learners the importance of respecting opponents, the eminence of playing a fair game, & the value of hard work & determination. The Sports at mother care school have been a recipient of many awards. Our students have recently won different awards for different events. One of our students has received gold medals for her excellent work in shooting. Our school volleyball team has won at a different level.

Address (H.O)

Opp. Shivam Petroleum, Nadiad-Uttarsanda. Road, NADIAD– 387370

Address (B.O)

Mother Care School(CBSE) At.BHUMEL, NADIAD - 387370

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